Techs — Accurately report repair issues, receive faster approvals and finish more vehicles in a day.

Handheld tablets put the repair information you need right at your fingertips.
You can send photos, videos, and notes to the service advisors to better describe repair issues.
The hassle of back-and-forth paperwork is eliminated so you can work faster.
Get faster approvals on recommended jobs so you can stay busy and complete more jobs in a day.

A day in the life of the service tech

We understand that it’s frustrating to juggle multiple repairs while waiting for a vehicle owner’s approval. Watch our video to learn how BOLT ON can help increase your daily productivity, allowing you to stay on schedule and avoid delays.

Find your Return on Investment

Your Shop

Daily Car Count:

Average Repair Orders (ARO):

Days Open a Month:

  • Daily Sales: 00
  • Monthly Sales: 00
  • Yearly Sales: 00

Your Shop with BOLT ON

  • Your Daily Car Count: XX
  • Days Open a Month: XX
  • Average Repair Order using BOLT ON: XX
  • Your Daily Sales: XX
  • Your Monthly Sales: XX
  • Your Yearly Sales: XX

Your AROs with BOLT ON

You entered $XXX for average repair orders. With BOLT ON that would increase the ARO's to $XXX.

On average, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY will increase your shops ARO's 39%.
  • ARO: XX
  • Monthly Increase: XX
  • Yearly Increase: XX

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Master the Bay

Learn how BOLT ON can help you to get vehicles in and out faster, access service history and repair information instantly, and sell more services for your shop.

Learn how BOLT ON improves your employees effectiveness and customers experience with your shop.
Learn how BOLT ON brings it all together