BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY and 360 Payments Bring ‘Text To Pay’ to Automotive Repair Businesses

Southampton, PA and San Jose, CA, Monday April 8, 2019 – BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY and 360 Payments, two of the leading service providers in the automotive aftermarket, have joined forces to introduce an innovative, time and money saving feature for automotive repair shops. Thanks to a strategic partnership developed between the two companies over the past year, shop owners can now offer customers the ability to pay repair bills from the convenience of their mobile phones.

Text To Pay is a new service that combines the innovative customer communications software of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY with the advanced payment processing expertise of 360 Payments, providing an even more compelling reason for auto repair shop owners to use BOLT ON’s industry-leading software solutions. The new feature is available to all new and existing BOLT ON customers using the company’s Pro Pack suite of products with the addition of a simple plug-in.

Text To Pay is seamless to install and enhances the speed and convenience of customer transactions while adding another way to improve customer service and communication for BOLT ON customers. Shops using the Text To Pay feature will be more competitive offering the newest technology backed by a firm commitment to security and the highest standards of customer service and efficiency.

Text To Pay benefits include:

  • Added Convenience: Customer pays from their phone when it makes sense for them
  • Get Paid Faster: Shops will not have to wait until the end of the day for customers to pay in person
  • Streamlined Checkout: No more long lines for vehicle pick-ups at the end of the day
  • Saves Employee Time: Service advisors no longer chase customers for payments
  • Security: Shows shop’s commitment to the very highest payment security standards
  • Tech Savvy: Shows shops are on the cutting edge, just like the dealerships
  • Seamless Integration: Shop management software marks ROs as paid – automatically

“We are thrilled to offer this exciting feature to new and existing customers,” said Michael Risich, founder and CEO of BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY. “Our customers have been requesting this capability for a while, and when we had the opportunity to partner with 360 Payments, the leading payments processor in the automotive industry, we jumped at the chance to work together. This represents the last mile solution for our auto repair shops. We can now offer customers end-to-end job processing and transacting capabilities that seamlessly improve customer experience and boost profits.”

Now, along with sharing repair photos and information as well as setting appointments via text message, repair shops can further enhance customers’ experiences and convenience by allowing them to pay via text message. The new service simplifies and streamlines the checkout process, allowing shops to focus on what really matters – serving their customers.

“Our mission is to make payments an afterthought,” said Steve Ciabattoni Co-CEO of 360 Payments. “We are the only payment processing provider bringing the Text To Pay feature to the automotive aftermarket. When we talked with Mike and the BOLT ON team at various trade shows over the past year, we recognized there was an unmet need in the market, and our respective areas of expertise could bring about a win-win solution for shops and customers. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Text To Pay and look forward to elevating the business of repair shops nationwide.”

Tim Cifelli, Director of Marketing
Phone: 610-400-1019 ext. 154