Lube Sticker Pro

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Lube Sticker Pro
- Autoschedule Jobs and Future Appointments
  • - Create an Accurate Oil Change Schedule Based on Vehicle Usage
  • - Sends an Oil Change text message reminder to your customer
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More Than Just Stickers
pre-schedule customer appointments

Auto set your customers’ next appointments today!

Lube Sticker Pro enables you to set customers’ next appointment before they leave the shop. Our research has shown that almost 75% of all vehicles in a shop today are having an oil change service performed. Lube Sticker Pro enables shop owners to capitalize on advance scheduling of this much-needed service. The program offers auto shops a systematic approach to predicting when vehicles should return for service.

Never again forget to add the vehicle recommendations to your customer’s vehicle or add future appointments to your shop management system. 

Oil change stickers or lube stickers will be printed electronically for windshield placement. Lube Sticker Pro works with the top label printers on the market already, ensuring our software will work seamlessly. It's as simple to use as clicking a print button.

This auto repair software solution is a must-have for all automotive repair shops.

+ Features

Advanced Scheduling - Advance schedule canned jobs, as well as future oil changes.

Service Recommendations - Generates a recommendation for the vehicle in the Shop Management System.

Text Reminders - Sends a text message reminder to your customer using Message Manager

Customized Oil Change Intervals - Change mileage can be adjusted based on the type of oil, and dates can be based on the customer's driving habits.

Print Keytags - Key Tags can be printed to the Dymo Labelwriter and Brother P-Touch printers.

Create Your Own Lube Sticker Template - Add custom information, and even your logo.

+ System Requirements

Shop Internet Configuration


Minimum Speed Requirements

o Ping: Less than 20ms Ping represents the reaction time of your connection. The higher the number, the more likely you will have latency (delays) in data transfer to and from the web.

o Download: 1mbs per device

o Upload: 1mbs per device Example: If your shop has 5 computers, 5 VoIP phones, 10 employee cell phones, and 10 tablets; that equals 30 devices. Your minimum Download and Upload speed would be 30mbs/30mbsWireless

Minimum hardware requirements

o High Performance GB Wireless Router. Router should be centrally located in the building

Shops are built mostly of cinder block and metal framing. This architecture can limit the range of your Wi-Fi connection and create weak signal strength in the middle of an open space. When outfitting your shop with Wi-Fi, the primary high performance wireless router should be centrally located in the building. Once the Wi-Fi is available, the signal strength should be tested at all areas in which Lube Sticker Pro will be utilized. If necessary, add wired wireless access points to strategic areas of your shop that will provide strong signal strength where needed. The SSID and Security Key for each access point should match that of your primary wireless device. This allows for the devices to transition seamlessly while moving around your shop. Your Local Area Network (LAN) must be on the same network. This is achieved by having only one device on your network serve DHCP and all devices that need to communicate with each other must receive their DHCP from that device and have permission to communicate with each other across the network.  

We recommend the following device:

o Netgear WNDR4500 N900

If you decide to seek other types of routers using the minimum specifications, we cannot guarantee the device will perform sufficiently. Selecting a non-recommended device can cause poor performance and lower results.

Data Host Computer

The data host computer should always use a wired internet connection. Using a wireless connection for the data host computer reduces the ability of the computer to serve the data by 50% when using a high performance wireless router. This especially holds true when the database is a MS Access database as corruption will occur if there is even a brief interruption to the Wi-Fi connection.

When Used as A Workstation 

Recommended Requirements

o Core i7-6700K or equivalent processor o If custom building your unit, be sure to select a motherboard that will support the processors capability.

o High Performance gaming quality video card

o 16 GB RAM

When Used Only as a Server - While a Xeon processor is listed in this section, please consider whether your requirements for the server require this higher cost processor. In most small and medium sized automotive shop implementations, the Core i7 processor listed above will do just fine at a fraction of the cost.

Recommended Requirements

o Xeon Processor E7-4809 v3

o 16 GB RAM with room for expansion

Workstation Computer - Although minimum specifications from the Shop Management System companies may indicate lower specifications for a workstation's computer. We recommend the following computer specifications due to the computer being used for more than just the shop management system itself for things like running reports, add-on programs (such as BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY's), web browsing, and research for parts and how-to video tutorials.

Recommended Requirements

o Core i7-6700K or equivalent processor. If custom building your unit, be sure to select a motherboard that will support the processors capability.

o High Performance gaming quality video card

o 8 GB RAM with room for expansion

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