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Group Webinars

Fast-track to your success with our Webinar Training Program included in your service. Learn how to configure and use all of the software we offer, to maximize your shop's efficiency.  Once you complete a webinar, the next webinar in the series will be available after one week.  This time will allow you to successfully implement the new procedures into your existing shop practices.  Sign up for one of the webinars below.

+ Class #1 - Lube Sticker Pro/Message Manager

In this class, you'll learn the basics of Lube Sticker Pro, including how to :

  1. Print a Lube Sticker reminder
  2. Set a Future Appointment
  3. Set up canned Job Appointment Reminders
  4. Customize Oil Change Intervals
  5. Use Vehicle History to Calculate Reminder Dates
  6. Communicate via Text
  7. Send Messages to shop PCs and/or Tablets
  8. Include Vehicle Specific Information Automatically


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+ Class #2 - Report Pro

In Report Pro training, you will learn how to use the basic functions, including how to:

  1. Customize Shop Information
  2. Customize Invoices
  3. Set Up Parts Profits
  4. Email an Estimate/RO/Invoice
  5. Export a Report
  6. Register Tires
  7. Set Up Quick Reports


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+ Class #3 - Mobile Manager Pro

In your final training you learn how to use Mobile Manager, including how to:

  1. Start an Estimate
  2. Add Symptoms, Recommendations, Notes and Parts
  3. Access Work in Progress
  4. Add a Digital Multi-Point Inspection to a vehicle
  5. Take Vehicle Photos
  6. Clock In and Out of Jobs
  7. Access Repair Information
  8. Scan and Decode a VIN
  9. View Vehicle History


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Have questions on how to use our software?  Our Knowledgebase is full of information and resources to make navigating through settings and day-to-day operations.  Click on any of the products below, and see exactly how to accomplish tasks, step-by-step, or scroll down to sign up for a live training webinar.