Hunter Engineering and BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY Together in Your Shop

The integration between these two well-known companies is a game changer for your business. The Hunter name is synonymous with alignments, tire replacements, and repairs, while BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY offers the industries leading digital vehicle inspection platform.

This integration gives your shop the following advantages:

    • Digital tech notes & recommendations with no copying needed
    • Texting as the primary form of communication, eliminating the wait on the phone
    • Display the actual alignment rack readings and diagrams right in the digital inspection
    • Use pictures to show tire wear patterns, worn suspension parts, and other issues
    • Digital inspections with photos sent directly to your customers via text message

This integration will change the way your shop runs, making a more efficient use of time, resulting in greater returns on each repair order. Automatically setting future appointments and using text as a reminder will result in your customers returning to your shop for all of their service needs. Digital inspections that make your reasons for service clear to the customer while at the same time educating them and building a level of trust that was not possible before.

*Contact us for more information regarding these advantages and how you can see a live demonstration right on your computer.