About Us

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“Relentless Innovation”

This is our motto and the driving force of our company. When we design auto repair software, we do so with one notion in mind—does it adhere to Relentless Innovation? If it doesn’t, it gets scrapped immediately. The end result—you will never receive anything from us that isn’t relentlessly cutting edge and superior—guaranteed. If you feel otherwise, please let us know. We pride ourselves on listening to our customers. We’ve come to realize that our success comes from focusing on your needs, before anything else. We’re very aware that without you—there’s no us, and we thank you for your continued support.

About Us

Founded in 2008, BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY has become the leader in shop management software, designing cutting edge technology for the Automotive Repair & Maintenance industry. Over the past 8 years, we’ve grown to serve thousands of auto repair shops across the U.S and beyond. This resulted in major partnerships with the largest companies in the business.

The Work We Do

When we say we’re the industry’s leader in shop management software and we have major partnerships with the largest companies in the business—we mean it. In just a few years we’ve gone from a humble establishment, to joining forces with the biggest businesses in the land. Mitchell 1 & ShopKey, CARFAX, NAPA TRACS, and AMS R.O. Writer are just a few of the industry leaders we’re proud to call partners. What makes us special? We actually listen and design technology that shops are actually asking for. All of our solutions are tested on-site, at automotive repair facilities just like yours. Our panel of advisors includes a round table of shop owners whose main concern is increasing shop profits and efficiency. They have no time for nonsense, and only offer their shops as testing grounds after we’ve thoroughly listened to their needs. This happens before any of our products enter the field for purchase.

Our Pledge To You

Mike RisichWe will continue to deliver the same high-end quality automotive repair software that’s made us a leading brand for the past 8 years. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, or need more details, let us know and we will do everything in our power to get you what you need! “You have my word.” ~ Michael Risich, Founder & CEO